Local Hauling​ & Delivery

With the addition of our new 10-wheel dump, Advantage Grading & Engineering now delivers:

  • Crushed stone
  • Decomposed granite
  • Gravel
  • Mulch
  • Topsoil
  • Gravel & Stone
  • Sand
  • Firewood
  • Woodchips
  • Etc...
Up to approximately 12 yards rock 
Up to approximately 20 yards of bark or soil  
Our 10-wheel dump is perfect for delivering any bulk material in Southwest Riverside County.  We take pride in providing a One-Stop Shop to the commercial, industrial and residential markets as well as government agencies and municipalities.

Advantage Grading & Engineering Delivers

Call us for delivery of bulk soils and amendments, rock and gravel. We are happy to include other items with our delivery whenever possible, saving our customers time and travel expenses.

We have experienced drivers and a wide variety of delivery equipment to assure your materials arrive quickly and safely.

Think Local and Go Green

Advantage Grading & Engineering is locally owned and operated. Purchase your soils in bulk and save time and waste—no unbagging products shipped and pre-packaged far away. No cleanup of on-site trash.

Decomposed granite, crushed and ground aggregate materials provide the fill, grading, drainage and surface materials required for any number of projects, and we can deliver whatever you may need. Not sure what will work best for your project? Call us today – with over 20 years of grading and construction experience, we are happy to advise you about your selection!

From driveways, walkways, and paths to garden landscaping details, crushed stone is a very popular surface treatment because it offers nice color contrast, is relatively easy to install and maintain, and is economical. Loose fill driveways of crushed stone and gravel are popular because they give a sound surface, resist erosion, require minimal repair, and are inexpensive compared to other materials.

  • Driveways and Roadways
  • Patios and Paths
  • Fill and Grading
  • Drainage and Erosion Control
  • Landscaping, Garden Accents and Mulch Substitute

Calculating Your Material Needs

Figuring out how many yards of aggregate materials your project requires is dependent upon your application. Some projects require sub-grade, sub-base and/or base fill in addition to your desired top layer materials, so it is best to give us a call so we can be sure you will get all the right materials in all the right quantities for your unique project.

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed Granite (Tan) or DG is used a lot for pathways in and around your garden. It compacts very well and is also used as a base in a lot of hardscape installations. DG is classification of rock that is derived from granite via its weathering to the point that the parent material readily fractures into smaller pieces of weaker rock.

Crushed Stone

Standard crushed stone is the most common type of processed ground stone, and is typically pulverized granite, limestone or trap rock depending on where it has been harvested. A crushed stone driveway is usually done in a ¾” maximum size (there will be a mix of sizes from ¾” down to fine particles) which allows the stones to work in together tightly, gives good traction but is easier to walk over, and the stones are heavy enough to stay in place.


Gravel is a mixture of crushed rocks and sand which have been passed through a screening process.

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is always popular for a more classic look, and newer colors allow for unique and creative flair. Its smooth, more rounded surface settles out nicely, is easy to drive or walk on, and it is available in a variety of colors to match architectural and personal styles. Ranging in colors from browns and tans, to shades of gray, white, and even yellow, this stone is perfect for all types of homes and gardens.

River Rock

Like its pea gravel counterpart, River Rocks are smooth and further processed to a shiny finish making them vibrant and decorative, sometimes referred to as “round rock”. Common in garden pathways, garden bed cover or Zen Garden design, River Rock adds a beautiful change in texture amid other garden elements.

Advantage Grading & Engineering offers same day or next day delivery service in most cases.